Keeping up with the Kelly's

We haven't kept up on the blog very well. This summer has gotten away from us, Van is the one who figured out how to do this since I'm a little computer challenged.

May was a month of change, Van took another job selling CAT equiptment for Caterpillar International and to keep his selling skills sharp he is also selling insurance for State Farm.
The Kelly's closed Utah Livestock Auction, my grandmother passed away and my brother Thomas recieved his mission call to Mexico . May was a bit of an emotional roller coaster

Summer finally started in Caser in July. Wyatt and I spend most of our days at the pool and the gym. I've been to some aerbics conventions this summer one being Zumba (its latin dance) and I'm very excited about it. When Van is home we spend time remodeling the house and going on bike rides with Wyatt.

Van was called as the young mens president in May, I am a primary teacher and Wyatt is loving nursery he is the big helper when its time to get ready for prayer.

I'm going to be better at keeping things updated, its so fun to see how everyone is doing.

Love the Kelly's

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Last Sale

This picture was taken on Sunday May 3rd. The day after we had our last and final sale at Utah Livestock Auction. It was a day of mixed emotions some of the pictures were captured by the local news stations and you can check them out. http://www.deseretnews.com/photo/slideshow/1,5587,94,00.html

Van, Missy and Wyatt in the ring right after the farwell address was made

Wyatt and Dad by the big team.